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Wedding tips that will help make a great wedding video


  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse.  Wedding ceremony rehearsal is highly recommended.

  • On the wedding day - Arrive early to allow at least 2 hours for make up and getting dress and video recording of those events

  • The Wedding Planner, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and Best Man should run errands for Bride and Groom on the wedding day.

  • Flower girl should have enough flowers for the entire length of the aisle runner.

  • Bride and Groom should face each other during the ceremony.  Do not turn your back towards your family and guests.

  • Speak clearly and loudly during the ceremony.

  • Do not block the unity candle or the sand ceremony.  Make sure you are standing so that everyone can see you light the candle or pour the sand.

  • Minister should be organized and help direct the bride and groom during the ceremony.

  • Maid of Honor and Matron Honor should assist bride during the ceremony.

  • During the reception remember to have fun!

  • At the reception - Meet and greet family and guests.

  • At the reception - Dance Dance Dance!

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